Celebrating Robert DeArment: A Luminary of the Old West

R obert Kendall DeArment, a revered historian and acclaimed author, left an indelible mark on the world of Old West history. Born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and passing after a rich life of 95 years, DeArment’s journey from a respected career at Champion Spark Plug Co. to a distinguished historian was marked by a passion for uncovering the truth behind the lawmen and outlaws that shaped the American frontier.

Transition to Historical Scholarship

After retiring as the Director of Distribution, DeArment dedicated his life to historical research, publishing over twenty books and numerous articles that contributed significantly to our understanding of the Old West. His work, characterized by meticulous research and compelling storytelling, made him a pillar in the community of Western historians.

A Pillar Among Historians

DeArment’s expertise was not just acknowledged by his publications but also by his peers, who considered him a dean among historians. His friendship and mentorship extended beyond his immediate circle, impacting many who shared his passion for history. His final project, a three-volume study on horse thievery, exemplified his commitment to shedding light on lesser-known aspects of American history.

A Veteran's Legacy

Beyond his scholarly contributions, DeArment served in the 63rd Infantry Division during World War II, an experience he later shared with younger generations and contributed to the Smithsonian archives. His stories of bravery and resilience added another layer to his rich tapestry of contributions to American heritage.

A Family Man at Heart

Robert’s personal life was as full and vibrant as his professional endeavors. Married for 70 years to Rose Marie DeArment, he was a devoted husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. His family, a source of immense pride and joy, benefited from his wisdom, humor, and love, ensuring his legacy would live on through them.

``In Search of the U.S. Marshals`` and Dana Celeste Robinson's Tribute

DeArment’s involvement in the documentary “In Search of the U.S. Marshals” brought his extensive research and knowledge to a wider audience. Taking time from his final book project, he contributed valuable insights into the lives and deeds of U.S. Marshals, enriching the documentary with his unparalleled expertise. Dana Celeste Robinson, the creator of the documentary, expressed deep sadness at his passing, acknowledging the profound impact of his participation and the void his absence leaves in the field of historical research.

A Legacy of Knowledge and Inspiration

Robert DeArment’s work, from his service in World War II to his authoritative texts on the Old West, leaves a lasting legacy that continues to inspire historians, authors, and enthusiasts. His dedication to his family, his country, and the pursuit of knowledge stands as a testament to a life fully lived.

In Memoriam

As we remember Robert DeArment, we celebrate a life dedicated to the exploration and preservation of history. His contributions to our understanding of the Old West and his role in “In Search of the U.S. Marshals” documentary have enriched the tapestry of American history. DeArment’s life’s work and his enduring spirit continue to inspire those who seek to uncover the truths of our past. In honor of his memory, we acknowledge the profound influence of his scholarship and the warmth of his personal legacy.