In Search of Doc Holliday

Posted by on Sep 25, 2015 in In Development


JohnHenryHolliday1880slr-FinalOP-webIn 1993 the movie Tombstone made him a household name, as one of the Wild West’s most famous figures. Quick with a gun and easy on the eyes, he was a gentleman gambler with a slow southern drawl.

In 1881 John Henry “Doc” Holliday rose to infamy at the famous gunfight at the OK Corral in Tombstone, Arizona. But, unlike his contemporaries Wyatt Earp, Billie The Kid and Jesse James, the details of Holliday’s life remain shrouded in mystery and controversy.

Born before the end of the American Civil War in Georgia, Doc Holliday was a southern son of the Old South. In this documentary, we trace Holliday’s roots from his life after the Civil War in Reconstruction Georgia to dental school in Philadelphia and onwards to the Wild West. We journey cross-country to seek out truths about the crimes leveled against him, his personal relationships and the final years of his life.

It’s the story of the effects of the war on a southern family, a story of scandal, first love, lost dreams and the inheritance that turned a southern boy into a western legend.

Author Victoria Wilcox, winner of the Georgia Author of the Year Award, is joined by a host of historians and scholars as they piece together the history of John Henry Holliday.

Join us as we go in search of the real “Doc” Holliday.


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